Palm Care

Here are some helpful growing facts from the Hawaiian Island Palm Society!

Where do palms grow?
“Palms are native to every continent in the world except Antarctica. They can be found in deserts, fresh and salt water swamps, grasslands, costal planes and rain forests. Some palms can even tolerate freezing temperatures for a short period of time, so here on the island no matter where you live you can find a palm that will grow well in your garden.”
-Hawaiian Island Palm Society (HIPS)

What soil to palms thrive in?
“Hawaiian soil is made basically from the weathering of lava rock and is generally acidic which palms seem to like. The soil contains very little or no clay and thus it drain’s very quickly and does not hold much water. Depending on your location you may have solid rock or minimal soil to plant your palms in. This is not a problem. Be prepared to dig a hole that is twice the width of the pot that the palm is in. Make sure that the bottom of the trunk is flush with the finished ground level. Palms do not like to have their trunks covered with soil. Fill in around the root ball with loose soil do not pack it in as the loose soil allows for the new roots to travel easily through it. It will take anywhere from 3 -120 days for the new roots to develop. Some people put a little super phosphate (0-45-0) in the bottom of the hole to stimulate root growth and a special palm fertilizer on the top. Some people just plant the palm without the addition of any fertilizer. It’s your choice and there are no hard fast rules. You do want to make sure
that the hole you dig drains as the majority of palms don’t like their roots to be wet unless they are a variety that originate in swampy, tidal or lake environments.” -Hawaiian Island Palm Society (HIPS)

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